Dream Interpretation

October 9,  the Korea CQ 14 forum was held at the Jordanian ambassador’s residence on the invitation of H.E. Omar Nahar.

We were all impressed by the meticulous organization by the ambassador – everything from the table setting, the dinner menus to the facilities for the Dream Interpretation lecture.

The dinner at the Jordanian ambassador’s residence which is already famous for its distinguished taste, was Jordanian style salad, Pita-bread, Mansaf, Humus, Chicken curry, ram-meat and goat-meat which left deep impressions on CQ members.

CQ members enjoyed the specially prepared dinner in the lovely garden. The Ambassador kindly explained how to enjoy the Jordanian food and all CQ members were deeply touched by his kindness. During the dinner, the ambassador sang his favorite Korean song ‘There is no one like me’ by ChuGa Yul in person, showing his love for Korean songs.

After the dinner, all CQ members moved to the living room to listen to the lecture of Janet Shin, president of Korea Saju Research Center. Before the lecture, we watched a video clip about the beautiful city of Petra in Jordan prepared by the ambassador and some power-point-slides on our CQ 14 activities and then the long awaited lecture by Janet Shin started.

This time around, she specially prepared a lecture on dream interpretation, following her lectures on “Saju (Korean traditional life interpretation according to their birth of year, month, day, and time)”, “Gunnghap (Wedding Interpretation)”, “Gwansang (one’s destiny read by facial appearance)”, “Pung Su JiR i(the theory of divination based on topography)” and “To Jeong Bi Gyeol (Korean traditional custom of reading one’s annual fortune at the beginning of the year),”

Janet Shin gave an interesting lecture on dreams from types of dreams to dream incubation.

The lecture ended with interesting fortune telling about the 3 presidential candidates by their physiognomy. After the lecture, CQ members enjoyed Jordanian sweets and they all loved it.

We wrapped up the forum after CQ members’ endless questions, looking forward to the next Korea CQ gathering.

We would like to thank all the CQ members who attended the forum despite their busy schedules.

We especially thank H.E. Omar Nahar, the Jordanian ambassador for his unparalleled hospitality from the exquisite food to the forum.


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